Meet Rebecca

I swear that Andrew has memories from when he was a fetus.  He shares these intricate details of his toddler years that baffle my understanding of memory.  Usually I question their accuracy, but mostly I wish I had the same lockbox of images.  What I remember is counting down the seconds until piano practice ended so that I could spend hours shooting my Chicago Bulls basketball on my backyard goal.  Sports, camping/fishing outside of Branson, MO, with the family, and the tales of summer camp create the epitome of what I remember my childhood to be.  Naturally, we evolve, but at the end of the day I still love sports, the youthfulness of moments like summer camp (why Moonrise Kingdom by Wes Anderson was so dang endearing), and I live in an Airstream for crying out loud.

I am surrounded by the dearest family and friends, am centered by my faith, and believe that life is a gift worth living.  “Live in the sunshine, swim the seas, drink the wild air.”  Preach on, Ralph (Waldo Emerson).  At the end of the day, I still enter into a state of pure mania when I hear U2 on the radio, I believe that one of the purest and greatest sensations is standing on the peak of a mountain, I think Denzel Washington’s role in Glory is one of cinema’s greatest moments of truth and heartache, and there isn’t a better day for me than being lost in a language and culture that is not my own.

May we be given the courage to seek love, mercy, justice and laughter.

(In March 2012, I became married to the silliest, studliest, lovingliest of men and recently became a registered nurse.  We reside in Nashville, TN, with our 1954 Airstream)


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