On March 3, 2011, Andrew’s older brother, Chris, not only celebrated his birthday but did so by traveling down to Atlanta with Andrew to purchase a 1954 Airstream Cruiser.  It was Chris and his wife, Mary, who had just taken their own 1964 Airstream Overlander down to the Florida Keys for the 2010 Christmas holidays and inspired Andrew to pursue such a trailer for more permanent living space.

The Cruiser had a number of issues including a large rip in a side aluminum panel, a hole in the floor that the previous owner had created as a makeshift sewage system for his hunting trailer toilet, and mounds of paint that needed to be scraped and replaced.   That March, April, and May the two of them worked tirelessly to restore what is now our home.

If you are interested in both of their stories, and the week-by-week evolution of the 1954 Cruiser that Andrew diligently documented, feel free to check out Airstream Fever.  We plan to write stories on Airstream living both there and on this blog, so stay tuned.  Below are a few photos for the sake of visual perspective.


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