farm life

As I mentioned in my last post, Andrew and I were outside of Glasgow, Kentucky, a week ago for him to be preacherman and to spend some good time with his oldest brother’s family on their big, beautiful farm.  Nathanael and Jacque were beyond hospitable to allow us to be a part of their summer life: gardening, canning, herding, buying milk and heirloom tomatoes from their Mennonite neighbors.  We ate to our heart’s content.  Jacque has not only mastered how to creatively feed her family of all ages but also seeded and maintained a large, very productive garden (along with the help of the kids and cats).  Nathanael has successfully transitioned a life in the Airforce to that of cattle rancher and farmer of 250 acres.  And between the kids, Hannah has learned to speak and interpret ‘cow’, Ethan eagerly scours the garden for ripe bounty, Madie acts as local comedian/spitfire, and Caleb is one cuddly ball of 1-year-old cuteness.  Andrew and I are thankful for the days we have (before school and career consume our lives) to enjoy family, sunsets, and the land that provides.  Below are some photos of that land and the adorable/beautiful faces of our nephews and nieces.


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