living in an airstream: hibernation

Last Friday morning I woke up to a frosted-over Jeep; that same night it was 68 degrees. That means only one thing in Tennessee: spring is trying to break out of its wintery bad habits. The only negative about spring is the ice cream truck blaring “It’s a Small World” until dusk (they weren’t really that annoying when we were kids, right?). But I’ll take the noise if it means that warmth and sunshine will gain dominance over our small patch of the Earth once more. Yes, we are creatures of complaint and in four months all I will want is a land where hot tea and sweaters are necessary, but therein lies the beauty of seasons…the inevitability of spring and fall.

This was Andrew’s second winter living in the Airstream and my first. Like any other living space there are parts of your home that are much warmer and cozier than others making it that much harder to get out from under the down comforter at 5:30am (or 5:30pm). You learn coping mechanisms such as keeping your clean scrubs under the heater for at least a few hours pre-shift, placing your moccasins at the foot of the bed so that you won’t take one step on the steel bathroom floor, and using the oven to cook…all the time.

Despite the cold temperatures, we only saw one good snow day, and despite my complaints of winter, it really did go by in a blur. I kept busy with the new job and the myriad of classes the ICU mandates while Andrew has been impressively keeping up with 15 hours of graduate school, working at Room in the Inn, and pimping out his motorcycle and car. December evaporated through the holidays as it usually does, January was a recovery month when we became obsessed with Homeland, February was one large struggle as we faced the passing of my uncle and a best friend’s mother within two days of each other, and then March peeked its head around the corner. No wonder I haven’t blogged since mid December. I made no promises about being good at this thing.

But since several birds are currently trying to make a nest on the roof of our Airstream and the season change is calendar official tomorrow, I think it a good time to thaw out of this hibernation. Though it was mostly chilly and sometimes overwhelmingly sad, life carried with it moments of joy. May we have the eyes to see that sunshine even on the darkest days.     



snow day at the Airstream Homestead and a trip to Radnor Lake State Natural Area


holiday decorations in our Airstream home


Using that oven for yummy food and delicious warmth


December and January were my main sewing months, but friends are still making babies, so I’m still putting together burp cloths!!


Our unashamed winter addiction, Homeland.  We’re both crazy about Claire Danes and Damien Lewis, but our undying love definitely goes to Mandy Patinkin.


A trip to Memphis let me see these faces of adorable-ness and ultimate sass.



Andrew and I were able to take a road trip to Savannah, Georgia, and Charleston, South Carolina, earlier this month.  Seen above are favorite things about Savannah: Spanish Moss, driftwood, and the most delicious Cafe Florie.


We celebrated our one-year anniversary while in Charleston (March 4th).   Since our main trajectory for this trip was to eat good food we went all out at Fig, the most expensive and most amazing meal either one of us has ever had.  Worth every pennyyy.  A year with this dude has been loaded with laughs, adventures, and genuine companionship. I couldn’t be more thankful for his support and silliness! 


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