Meet Andrew









I’ve known that I wanted to be a pastor since I was twelve years old.  I realize that it may seem bizarre and almost child-like these days to have a calling at such a young age that turns into a reality, but here I am in my last chunk of an MDiv at Vanderbilt University with the same itch to lead a church.

I inherited a rabid passion for the Pittsburgh Steelers and find Peyton Manning infinitely more amiable and talented than Eli.  Dr. Pepper, ice cream and fried sushi are my survival foods.  My 1979 Yamaha was my love before Rebecca and still embodies my need for exhilaration and practicality.  In the past year and a half my brother and I did an almost full-restore on our 1954 Airstream in 3 months, I moved to Memphis in said Airstream to propose and marry said second love, Rebecca, and have returned to Nashville to finish my calling as preacherman.


2 thoughts on “Meet Andrew

  1. Loved everything but your comment about my man Eli. Do not mess with Ole Miss or Eli. Eli 2 rings vs Peyton 1 🙂
    Without a doubt Archie and Olivia have raised 3 wonderful young men!!!!!!!!

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