living in an airstream: sewing

Many of my favorite bloggers have hit a homerun by creating various series that they revisit weekly to accrue your interest and readership.  Seeing as I will most likely average 1-2 posts a month, I am self-aware enough to recognize my blogging habits as an inappropriate forum for said series.  However, living full time in a 26-foot long, 8-foot wide Airstream (Andrew pointed out that the actual cabin space is 23-feet long and 7-feet wide) does give Andrew and I a bit of a unique perspective on a few things, mainly space.  (Sidenote: I can’t help but think of my brother, Dave Chappelle, and his take on “The United States of Space”).  Naturally, however, I’m referring to the where-in-the-world-am-I-gonna-store-this-sewing-machine kind of space.  So I thought I would share some of our very young and rudimentary knowledge about ways we’ve either cut down/simplified or down right shoved/slammed for the sake of making this Airstream home.

Speaking of rudimentary, I sew.  But I sew while having my machine’s manual attached to my hip.  As with any skill, sewing takes repetition and discipline.  My oldest sister, Charlotte, is a professional and lovingly taught me the basics close to three years ago.  It wasn’t until I got a sewing machine and a few necessities, however, that I put the discipline to the repetition.  I have tackled a handful of projects such as the pillowcases and curtains in our Airstream, but recently was inspired by some fabric to dive into a bit of clothing.  My dearest Mandy has one of those aforementioned endearing blog series that she calls “A Fabric and a Font” on her fabulous site FabricPaperGlue.  Back in June she added this combination to the series and I was hooked.  I bought the last 3 yards of “Berries Aqua” Pink Chalk Fabrics had to offer and became determined to make a wee dress.

Seeing as I needed something absurdly basic for my first take on any item of clothing, I went for a pillowcase-ish dress.  Prudent Baby proved to have a simple, yet adorable tutorial that fit my limited skillz and understanding quite well.  Besides a few setbacks–I may have sewn my armholes together at one point–I came out with three pretty adorable dresses.  My nieces/goddaughters will be stylin next spring with this Lizzy House print.

My low-standard pride seems to have gotten ahead of the purpose of this post: making space for crafting.  Due to the actual dimensions of the Airstream’s aluminum boundaries, Andrew was very thoughtful and creative about storage during its restoration.  This gives you several photos that show both the bed in the back and the benches up front under which is ample room to shove/slam clothing, blankets, etc.  Beneath the long bench in our sitting/eating/den/whatever space is where I’ve carefully (depending on the day) placed boxes and bags ranging from stationery, jewelry-making essentials, my banjo (that’s correct), fabric, to the sewing machine.  Andrew’s closet is home to our petite ironing board, and our miniature iron is crammed in with cleaning supplies just below the refrigerator.  Odd, I know.  I will bring you more photos and stories on how we delicately make space for all our odds and ends, but for now I’ll leave you with proof that I made those dresses in this Airstream.  It can happen.


15 thoughts on “living in an airstream: sewing

  1. I think I found my new favorite blog. I have an Airstream 1962. . But, I love your decor, it looks modern. I need to redecorate mine. I live in a cold climate but it would make for an awesome sewing studio. Hmmm. Going to have fun looking through your blog.

      • 1962 22 Safari. In really good condition but not buffed yet. A tree fell on it (not terribly bad) and I need to pop out the top a bit before I buff it. I would love to keep you posted!

  2. Those are great! The girls will look adorable next spring/summer when you bust those out. Your seams look prettier then mine and I’ve ben sewing a lot longer then you, so good job. I made danielle her new comforter and finished reillys black out curtains this weekend, feels gods to get something done! But I think my sewing machine beds to go to the doctor, it’s having some issues,i think I’m wearing it out with all the heavy fabrics I keep using. Oh well!

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