living in an airstream: the futility of long hair

Just give up on us already…seriously.  I’ve accepted the fact that while Andrew and I are working full time, any free moments I get I want to do one of the following: spend time with the husband (we work opposite sides of the 24 hour spectrum so this happens less than you would think), sleep, spend time with friends, sew, watch West Wing, read (theoretically), hike, do some piloga (you see what they did there?), or catch up on my favorite blogs.  You notice how not one of those choices was actually update my own blog?  Shame.  So let’s bank on five good updates a year.  I think that’s reasonable.  And who knows, I might get into a rhythm like flossing: blog steadily for one month then let it go by the wayside.

So now that that’s out of the way, let’s focus on hair.  For the past 11 years I have gone through quite the hair length and style fluctuation.  I was 19 when I first got the inkling to make a drastic change.  I had just finished my first year in college, was about to study in Vienna, Austria, for a fall semester, and was feeling rather ‘edgy’.  The only evidence I had that a pixie cut would potentially work with my hair was a photo from when I was, um, 4. No, not that first one…

kindergarten evil brow

or the second.

mid-80s portrait

It seems that I really didn’t care about my evil brows or curious head mop as a child.  Ah, it’s that third one with good ole Teddy Ruxpin.

teddy ruxpin fo life

It became rather whited out during the scanning phase, but I definitely took that photo of me and Teddy to the salon at the age of 19 and said, “Maybe something like this could work?”

During the first half of my twenties it satisfied my desire to travel with ease, was far less permanent than a tattoo, and could easily be colored then re-cut during a bad break up.  Five years ago I made the decision to try growing it out for as long as I could.  I honestly did love it long as well, but one thing that became abundantly clear once I moved into the Airstream was that the two could not coexist.

I’m not one for a lot of maintenance, but for me to truly enjoy my long mane down, it required a blow dry and straightening.  And this blow dry with my thick locks took a good twenty minutes to get anywhere.  The reality of our Airstream living is that we only have one mirror–our microwave.  Not kidding.  So my maintenance decreased even more for lack of room to pamper and prepare.  Most annoyingly however, was the shedding.  Everyone who’s had long hair knows the problem well…the long strands of dead cells clump up in your brush, all over the shower wall, and occasionally clog up drains.  Well, since our home is the size of some people’s bathrooms, my long dark hair was EVERYwhere.  So much so that Andrew was even begging me to get it chopped (which he was reluctant to for some time).

Well, I was determined to make it last through the winter (for the cute hats and all), but come March I donated all 18 inches.  My very last tangled mass that I wrestled out of my hair with a comb was the size of a mouse.  I kept it around to remind myself of such futility.  It grossed Andrew out.  Here’s the mandatory before and after shots.


I got it tweaked in the months to follow and have these few photos from the summer.  Yes, yes, the perfect mixture of Halle Berry and Audrey Hepburn (in my literal and figurative dreams).  The first is of my dearest Mandy and I at Sheena’s fabulous wedding weekend (those are, in fact, the coolest straws you’ve ever seen).  It’s been a while since our short hair stages have coincided!

photo (2)

Andrew sportin’ his short summer do with me just after Sheena became a Steckl!  andrew&becca

The year of the pixie for sure!  Mandy, Molly, Jessica and I celebrate the shortness together!pixies

I got to spend time with my boo, Joce, and her incredible family just a few weeks ago in Chattanooga!photo (1)

So this blog entry may have been 5 months overdue, but I can undeniably testify that going short was one of the best decisions I’ve made while living in the Cruiser!

Though our full time jobs have kept us in the grind for a while now, we get the sweetest chance to take a two week journey to Glacier National Park in Montana.  I first fell in love with nature there as a teenager, then journeyed back just after college for a summer season.  Since Andrew’s never been, we thought it a perfect destination for our 2013 adventure!  It’s the most picturesque place in America so I’ll be sharing some gems with you upon our return…


2 thoughts on “living in an airstream: the futility of long hair

  1. Hehe. I had similar eyebrows as a child. No surprise there, though. As you know, I love the haircut (and appreciate the shout-out). Where’s the group shot of all of us pixie-sportin’ ladies???

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