We got married Sunday, March 4, 2012, in Memphis, Tennessee.  That is an iffy time of year weather-wise for around these parts, but instead of a late winter wonderland we got the welcomed reality of a very early spring.  We were engaged mid-October and I (Rebecca) was in nursing school all of that time but a few weeks in December.  That being said, our responsibilities were a whirlwind, but I write the following with great confidence: there is no way anything would have come together if it weren’t for our family and friends.

Good grief, where do I even begin.  Since I’ve already posted the PhotoStory, I’ll throw out Justin Wright.  This fella has been a dear friend since we were freshmen at Lipscomb University.  We studied in Vienna, Austria, together when we were 19, and he has developed mad photography skillz in the past 5 years.  If you have nine minutes to spare, watch the video above, and if you wish to see a good handful of our photos from that day, go right over to Justin’s website/blog!  All the credit for any wedding photo on this page or throughout our blog goes directly to him!

Another college bestie, bridesmaid, and roomie, Mandy Pellegrin, single-handedly pimped out our wedding decorations.  She works as a bureaucrat in DC by day and spends her evenings creating the most ingenious crafts.  If you have a few hours you should sift through her inspiring blog Fabric Paper Glue. She does a far better job showing the details than I would so check out here and here for the full story.

Not only did I receive the “Wedding in a Box” in January which contained pockets for the programs, centerpieces, hair clips for the bridesmaids, bunting, and a surprise little clutch purse, but she along with several key family/friends put together all the bridesmaids bouquets/groomsmen boutonnieres, my brooch bouquet, arranged the table’s decorations, and created the grooviest paper sculpture for the altar area.  Each photo below includes at least one of the many details mentioned.

In addition, Mandy along with two of my other most beloved friends and bridesmaids, Jocelyn Bailey and Sheena Mugavin, secretively pulled off the world’s greatest Amelie-inspired bachelorette party.  No exaggeration, world’s greatest…

But of course one of the key ingredients to a wedding is the dress.  Another bridesmaid (I didn’t have that many, they were just all that awesome), Britta Schroeter, was my traveling companion four and half years ago when we first visited Nepal.  It was there during our four months loving on kids and trekking through the Himalayas that she made a passing comment that if I would like, she would make my wedding dress whenever that day come.  Well, the fairest Britta did just that in a short time period all the way across the country in Montana.  We emailed inspirations and measurements, skyped fittings, and mailed practice dresses and the real deal back and forth.  There is no way I could have pictured anything different ever working out.  Isn’t it stunning?!?  Yes, you’re right, I have the most talented friends.


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