An elephant just walked passed the internet cafe. Andrew and I made it to Sauhara yesterday for some much-needed air con and a wee break from the kids. Turns out the strike has been extended until next Friday, so that means that the children remain as restless and energetic as ever. The other night I found almost every small kid on Andrew’s back as he did push ups in the courtyard. They cackled with delight and told me to do it. They’re hilarious.

It turns out that like most kids their affections have changed over time. For me, it was moving from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to X-Men and then on to Lion King. For them, their once obsession with WWE has been traded in for Star Wars and Michael Jackson. These things happen, and I must say that I’m thrilled with the evolution. Andrew and I will check out some elephants bathing this morning and jump into the swimming pool that resides in the hotel that we splurged for…I had no idea how much I loved pools until now. Meanwhile, against all odds, I was able to post some photos from this past week.


Suman at Rhino Lake


Sujan with his knifing skillz


Shishir practices his Jedi moves on Tulie


Laxmi said that this was the first night that the entire family, including herself, was able to go out for a dinner…and her first time to eat pizza. Happy 16th birthday to Sirjana!


My first time eating water buffalo…it was amazing.


Jamuna lost her first tooth two nights ago. I put 10 rupees (15 cents) under her pillow and she rubbed it in every kids’ face. I even saw Sujan wiggling his teeth to try and score some cheese.


One thought on “happenings

  1. I love you, thanks for the posts. It makes me miss being overseas and stirs something in me that I wonder if I’ve lost. So glass youre getting a little relief and that andrew is being introduced to a huge part of your heart, that until this point he could only imagine, but now witness. Love you bunches!

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