a space for two…

It’s been a busy twelve months. Andrew moved his restored 1954 Airstream to Memphis, TN, this time last year so that we could live life in the same city instead of the other ends of a cell phone. It was a joy to see him at the end of a long clinical day; he would often have food awaiting my exhausted belly. We were engaged in the fall and married March 4, 2012. It was all surreal to be wedded in the company of our family and many beloved friends, and we have successfully lived in the Airstream as two for the past few months. This past week was my nursing school graduation (woot!) and some big hugs with our nearest and dearest from Memphis. Andrew’s brother, Chris, came to tow our new home to its newest location: Nashville. We will settle in July, but for now are packing up for our voyage to Nepal.

I have had the utter pleasure of spending time in such a glorious country during the past 4 years. In 2008 my dear friend, Britta, and I met and fell in love with some rugrats at Harka Orphan Home in Bharatpur. We have since been able to visit the kids at separate times; in fact, my most recent trip was the summer of 2010 during which I would receive frequent emails from a certain fella back in Nashville. Now those international conversations have manifolded into a grandiose honeymoon. Andrew will inevitably be covered with hugs, wrestling moves, snot, and love. It is a beautiful form of grace that we get to spend some of our first months of marriage in such a location (I have heard rumors that we may even be involved in a Nepali wedding). Though the kiddos are our destination and purpose, it would be remiss of us to ignore those mountains. Therefore, we shall take a few weeks to trek our out-of-shape legs up high elevations into the laps of Annapurna and Machhapuchhre.

Our hope is to have a space for both our writings, photography, antics, etc. We depart this Wednesday…stay tuned for our Nepali adventures.


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